What is bikeshare, and how does it differ from traditional bike renting?

Bikeshare is a public transportation service that allows bicycles to be rented out to individuals for short trips. Individuals can rent out a bike from one docking station and return it at another docking station.

Bikeshare is not the same as bicycling. Bikeshare provides you a bike when and where you need it throughout your day. It is typically used for short trips that customers can combine with other transportation modes.

Why does Hawaii need bikeshare?

Hawaii’s bikeshare program will benefit both the public and the private sector. It will give people an alternative to driving in congested traffic, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, promote fitness, provide a boost to local small business, and foster a sense of community for the State and its residents. It will also deliver retail customers to small businesses and community engagement opportunities to sponsors.

Who can use bikeshare?

Bikeshare is a viable transportation option for everyone. Whether you’re a resident, a visitor, a business person or a teacher, there is a trip in your day that bikeshare can help you with. It is affordable, convenient and easy to use, and will be everywhere you live, work and play in Urban Honolulu.

The bikes will be easy to use, accommodating riders of all sizes who can jump on a bike and start riding no matter their attire, including professionally dressed women.

  Is bikeshare safe?