Inside PBSC Urban Solutions

In December 2015, we (thanks to your votes) selected PBSC Urban Solutions as the provider of our bikeshare equipment.   As we move towards the launch of our system next year, we’ve been working on a variety of tasks to help ensure Hawaii gets the best bikeshare system possible for our unique community. 

As part of that process, we recently visited PBSC Urban Solutions at their offices in Montreal, Canada.  Here’s a look inside: 

One of the reasons PBSC is so compelling is the vast number of bikeshare cities they work with.  In this display area, we saw bikes from all around the world.  We understand that there are almost 50,000 PBSC bikes in operation globally.  We’ll be in good company.

Besides having proven bikes, we like PBSC’s focus on the customer.  We believe in this too.  (P.S. No tandem bikeshare for now!)

PBSC will do more than provide our bikeshare equipment.  They also will deliver the technology we will use 24/7.  Philippe, Blake and Suzelle spent hours with us to talk about how we configure our technology to serve our users.  How do we make using Bikeshare Hawaii quick and easy, and how can we be very responsive to customer needs?

The tech team is big.  More than a dozen people were at their desks today, developing new products, coding, trouble-shooting, preparing reports, and more.

The hardware and software for checking out a bike is tested and fixed by this team too.

Design of bikes, docking stations and communications materials are obviously important in the bikeshare industry.  Here are the team leaders, Nathalie and Jean-Paul who focus on industrial and creative design.  See the work in progress behind them?  (We couldn’t show you some of the more sensitive stuff.)

The team has been working hard to create a dependable, sturdy bike that is also smaller and lighter.  Here it is!

Compared to the PBSC bikes you might see elsewhere, our bike is about 10 pounds lighter, and with smaller wheels.  We’re excited about how easy it is to handle and how it will also be more comfortable for riders of smaller stature.  (Yes, that means you too, ladies.)

There are a lot of parts to bring together and assemble before bikes and kiosks are deployed. 

Chantal, Valérie and Tonino lead inventory, assembly and distribution.  They know how to hit deadlines.

Large bikeshare station in Montreal.jpg

After our meeting, we took a walk in downtown Montreal.  We saw lots and lots of people riding BIXI, their bikeshare system, and came across this huge bikeshare station.  Can you count how many bikes this station accommodates?  (The station ends at the sign at the far end.)

Thanks for coming along with us inside PBSC. You didn’t see the engineers, drafting team, assembly team and many others in this very substantial organization.  It won’t be long before Bikeshare Hawaii is up and running.  In the meantime, we’re making sure you get the bikeshare system you’ll want to use and recommend.  And we’re happy to have a proven partner, PBSC Urban Solutions, working with us to make that a reality.