Thanks for Your Input!

What would we do without you?

Bikeshare Hawaii wants to be the very best bikeshare system we can be.  Why bother to launch bikeshare here if it isn’t going to be embraced by the community and have a positive impact?  We continually research and analyze dozens of operating bikeshare systems around the world to learn from their successes and missteps.  Perhaps more important though are your input and ideas.  After all, Honolulu is a different animal and a cookie-cutter solution is just not the way to go. 
As we seek your input and ideas, we’ve also tried to have a little fun along the way.  Because while bikeshare brings a bunch of benefits, riding a bike is FUN!  Thanks for your participation in our various promotions and events so far!

  • We kicked things off with a month-long “Vacationing Bikes” campaign in early 2015 to introduce the concept of bikeshare to the community.  Remember #MikeTheCitiBike and #JenTheProntoCycle?
  • We followed that up with a series of Open Houses at the Honolulu Design Center in the summer of 2015 where you helped us select PBSC Urban Solutions as our equipment provider out of four finalists.
  • We did research this past winter among residents and visitors to understand how to set our fares.
  • You gave us some very creative ideas for our brand name via a social media campaign we called #bikesharenameshare.  We will be announcing our selected brand name soon!

And now, we just wrapped up our first series of pop-up appearances.  This time, the focus was on where to best locate the 150 bikeshare stations that will cover urban Honolulu.  We also displayed two bikeshare bikes we borrowed from other cities—the San Francisco Bay Area and Guadalajara—to get your preferences on some features such as baskets, seats and grips.

If you did stop by one of our four events in Waikiki, Downtown and Kaka’ako, thank you!  We loved talking with you, showing you our maps and reviewing some last-minute bike features.  If you couldn’t come by (it was too inconvenient because you didn’t have bikeshare to use), no worries.  We will be back out soon. 

Also very soon, we will be announcing the winner of 40,000 miles on Hawaiian Airlines!  Thanks very much to Hawaiian Airlines for their support through this generous donation to our non-profit. 

Thanks also to the Hawaii Bicycling League for use of their van to haul all of our stuff around and for being on hand to share info on biking laws and safe riding.
We look forward to meeting you in person soon.  Until then, you can still help us by giving us input, following our progress, and spreading the word!  

  • Visit our mapsite. Here, you can see an overall map of station locations, click in to see photos and more info, “like” stations, and even suggest station locations. 
  • Follow us on Social Media.  We do most of our posting on Facebook, but you’ll also find us on Instagram and Twitter. We’re thinking we’ll need to start using Snapchat too, right?
  • Check out our media coverage on our website. Some of the stories are good primers about bikeshare and what we’re trying to accomplish here. 
  • And, of course, email us at with your thoughts and ideas.  We love to hear from you.