Bikeshare for Bike Owners

“I already have a bike, so I don’t need bikeshare” is something we hear quite often. It’s easy to understand that sentiment, but in fact, there are reasons urban bike riders and bike commuters might want to add bikeshare to their transportation mix for greater convenience and peace of mind.

No Worries about Theft and Vandalism

Unfortunately, we suffer from a high level of bike theft and vandalism in Honolulu. We hear of people coming back to their bike and finding it missing a seat, wheel or maybe even gone all together. When you dock a bikeshare bike back into a station, it is not your worry any longer, it’s ours. And we’re pretty confident that our bikes won’t be stolen or stripped because they very securely locked into our stations, and bike parts and tools are incompatible with other bikes.

Bike in and then Bikeshare

Maybe you ride in from the burbs, and shower and change before work. (That’s probably a good idea!)  How about if you want to go to a hot new restaurant in Kaka’ako or do a bit of shopping at Ala Moana Shopping Center over lunch? Instead of passing on the opportunity or getting out your securely parked bike, you can simply check out a bikeshare bike near your place of work and ride it to your destination.   You don’t sweat on an easy 5-10 minute ride, do you?

About Your Clothes

Bikeshare bikes are made for street clothes. What you wear is what you bikeshare in. Everything is covered so your outfit stays nice and clean. The step-through frame and grippy pedals makes these bikes very easy to ride, even in a dress and heels. The basket on the front is perfect for your bag or backpack to keep you wrinkle free and fresh. And if you’re wearing those afore-mentioned heels, you can get further without achy feet!

Less Hassle and Maybe Faster Too

When you use your own bike, you have to get it from your apartment or garage and get it out to the street. Then, after your ride, you must find a place to park and lock it (not to mention needing to carry a u-lock and a cable). When you do find a bike rack, then you get out your lock, securely lock the frame to the rack, wrap the cable around the front tire and maybe even remove your seat. Then, you reverse the process when you leave. With bikeshare, you simply and quickly unlock a bike at any one of 150 convenient on-street stations in urban Honolulu and dock it at any of these stations in seconds. And here’s another save-hassle idea – maybe you use bikeshare on rainy days and let us worry about cleaning and maintaining it. After all, who wants to clean a bike (besides us)?

Made for the City

Thick tires, lights on the front and back, a low center of gravity, a bike bell to alert others, heavy (okay, maybe a little clunky)—bikeshare bikes are made for the city. Not for country roads, trails or racing. You just might prefer a bikeshare bike for urban biking, if you give it a try.


No matter how you use Bikeshare Hawaii, you’ll find a pricing plan that should easily fit your wallet.  You might like our Saver 30 that gives you unlimited 30 minute rides for $15 per month. If your use will be more sporadic, the $20 Free Spirit pass gives you a bank of 300 minutes of ride time to use in any increments you wish.  We’ll also offer single trip pricing and a monthly plan for unlimited 60 minute rides.

Not convinced?

Maybe you never will be. That’s a-okay with us—we still love you and our goals include things that will benefit you too. Who wants more bike infrastructure? Who wants safer biking? The introduction of bikeshare systems has been shown to help create positive changes for everyone. We appreciate your support!