Bikeshare Hawaii Receives $50,000 Donation from Hawaiian Electric Industries Foundation

Bikeshare Hawaii Receives $50,000 Donation from Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation

Have you heard the good news? Bikeshare Hawaii recently received a $50,000 donation from Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation!

The $50,000 donation was a combination of a $25,000 check and two electric-powered Smart cars. The money will be used to purchase and fabricate equipment such as bike trailers that can be pulled by the two electric Smart cars, to assist in the maintenance and rebalancing of Bikeshare Hawaii’s fleet of bicycles.

Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation’s donation is truly significant. A major operational focus of ours will be to match rider demand at each of our many bikeshare stations. Because the beauty of bikeshare is that you don’t have to return a bike to where you checked it out, we expect most people will check out a bike at one station and return it to another. This means that we have to be nimble in moving bikeshare bikes between stations to make sure there’s a bike where and when you want it, and an available dock to check it in when you arrive at your destination. Our team will also make ongoing visits to our stations to check on equipment and bikes, and to make minor repairs when needed.

Moving bikes from station to station takes a vehicle, and now thanks to Hawaiian Electric Industries, we are able to do so in an efficient and sustainable way.

Having two electric Smart cars will allow our team to “rebalance” bikes around the clock, running one while the other is charging so each station can meet rider demands. The electric Smart cars are capable of pulling a trailer and will be extremely helpful as part of our rebalancing fleet which will initially be all electric. We are looking forward to putting the Smart cars to good use once we launch next year!

We applaud Hawaiian Electric Industries for its continued efforts and contribution towards our state’s clean energy future. When people use bikeshare, it will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels--the same holds true for electric vehicles. The donation of electric vehicles ties well with our goal to give residents and visitors eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

For more information on Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation’s donation to our program, go to the Media section of our website to view and read the news coverage as well as the press release.