About Vacationing Bikes

Bikes from Seattle's Pronto Cycle Share, “Jen”, and New York City’s Citi Bike, “Mike”, will be “vacationing” on Oahu in January to share the benefits of bikesharing. The public is invited to meet the bikes and keep up with the action via social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while local groups are encouraged to request a talk about bikesharing from Bikeshare Hawaii.

Meet the Bikes


The Citi Bike, “Mike”, typifies the life of a financial guy working in Manhattan. He lives in the Gramercy Park area and commutes to the financial district. He spends his long workdays in and out of meetings. After work, he socializes with his buddies or his girlfriend and is up for just about anything new. Mike loves watching sports, but isn’t that athletic himself. He is has a little bit of extra weight on him, but he feels and looks great — at least his girlfriend and his mom think so. He’s a meat and potatoes guy but also a wine enthusiast. Relocating to NYC from a small town in Pennsylvania was a good move, although it can be an issue when he roots for the Eagles at his local sports bar.




The Pronto Cycle, “Jen”, is a civil engineer who works in Downtown Seattle and commutes in by ferry from Bainbridge Island where she lives with her partner. She volunteers for environmental causes and grows herbs in her windowsill. Days are spent in the office, but she makes trips to Pike Place Market to buy fresh produce — a perfect place for her since she’s vegetarian. She enjoys going out to the latest place for a great lunch and to coffee and tea shops for chats with friends. She’s excited to leave the rain behind to experience new foods and the unique Hawaiian culture.



Upcoming Appearances

Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to meet with #MikeTheCitiBike and #JenTheProntoCycle.